Franci’s twist

5mi. Franci subbed in for Paul today and had a workout with a twist - have a look at how that went... 1 mi warmup jog 100m w/100m recovery 200m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 400m w/100m recovery 500m w/100m recovery 600m w/200m recovery (2:12) 600m w/200m recovery (2:11) 600m w/200m recovery (2:07) 500m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m … Continue reading Franci’s twist


Miss Ya Thrice

5mi. When I show up at track workout and haven't been for three weeks, it feels like I have a big weight around my belt. Everyone is running fast and I'm breathing considerably hard to get this done and stay where I belong. Attila, fresh off his 19:01 5k in NYC and Aldo are who … Continue reading Miss Ya Thrice

Franci leads 

Today we had many runners, kids, first-timers and people we haven't seen in awhile. Erica and Keith, Jen Davis, plenty of folks that used to come every week. Paul was away so Franci's workout was the guide... 1 mi warmup jog 200m w/200m recovery 200m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m … Continue reading Franci leads