Power to the girls

50 mi bike, 3 mi run. Heat and a day that felt more like summer than spring. We rode as a fractured group to Bridge Road, then Suzanne, Rick, Suzanne, Adrienne and I went up Dixie Hwy. Rick and Suzanne sprinted quickly up the northbound road, I led Suzanne and Adrienne in an unsuccessful chase. We found the rest of the group at Sandsprit Park, stayed a few minutes too long, then rode back. Kathy Petrillo, recently injured, took off with Steve Bernstein once we passed through Port Salerno. I was moving well, staying hydrated in warm conditions, and happy to get quick breaks in the pack. Both Suzannes and Adrienne really have done so well in their cycling training! So much power and endurance, I am expecting some great things from all three in the upcoming Motivation Man tri next Saturday.  We came back to Loggerhead Park and ran the duckpond loop, that was another good workout. Once 3/4 of a mile from the end, I pressed a faster pace to catch Adrienne right at the line for the traffic light at Loggerhead Park. I am very impressed with their fitness level!

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