LSD – Long silly distance

16 mi.  I started at 5am with Walter, a run to PGA Blvd and back where I brought a 12oz water bottle and left it at FPL for the way back. Once at the store, I saw Chiara and Suzanne ready for their 10 miles. I ran with both of them and Steve Bernstein, discussing TdF events and the new Ironman world record set last week.   We picked up Suzanne M. at the first water stop, she joined in our group. I ran with them up to the inlet, took a longer than usual break to drink and pee, then came back at a higher pace. Once at the turquoise roofs, we did pickup sprints between the palm trees to Marcinski Rd.  That’s always a good ending to a long run.

After running and meeting GoBalls snack creator at the store, I drove to Loggerhead Park to swim. A grey coud wall of storms was traveling in from the south, I tried swimming with a few people until finally Lisa Reiss, Suzanne M and myself were the only people left in the ocean as a fog and hard rain came in. They weren’t comfortable swimming in those conditions, so we went back in.  Many people were collected under the roof of the restroom building waiting for a break in the storm.  Once cleared, it was time to go home and get dried off.

More of my workouts should have a purpose and a focus. Knowing my next 3 events will be sprint tris, keeping quick on my feet is more important than sheer distance.  I will look to 5k once each week and not miss any chance to ride 20-30 mi quick during the week.

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