It kept going.

22mi. I ran today starting with Lani a bit earlier than most – to the light at Lost Tree Village and back. I lost my water bottle in a construction tube. while trying to force a bathroom break in the dark. Then met up with Dave and Suzanne M. at the store, ran on and off with a few other people as the light came to A1A. I had food this time, two mini Clif bars and a Clif Builder’s Bar. I ate all three before returning to the store. At the Inlet, I took a short bathroom break. Running back from there had me feeling a sore right hip and the area below both calves. As if the short seated stop was to blame? I ran with Dave and both Suzannes along A1A, until Dave had to get home earlier than I did – he ran ahead. Suzanne M. peeled off at Donald Ross Road, Suzanne S and I continued around the duck pond and made it to the store for her 20 and my 22. Because I kept running with different people, it felt as if today’s run wouldn’t end!

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