Monday ride after work.


30 miles – I rearely get a chance to ride midweek, so when John and Sami opt for Ultimate Frisbee, I will try for an Inlet ride. It’s a nice warm night, no food in my system so I bring a Clif Bar and some highly diluted G@ and water. It’s hot riding North up Military Trail, but I’m moving well and I luck out on some of the larger intersection’s traffic lights. There aren’t as many cars on the road as I thought – Jessica sent a text warning me to be aware and it’s good advice. I don’t usually ride in “prime time” so I’ll have a good awareness about it all.

20140721-120000-43200915.jpgAt the Inlet I eat the Clif bar, refill some of the water and take pictures of the jetty. I look to find a yellow car that almost matches what I’m wearing. I get a guy to take three pictures of me next to it, only one actually includes the whole car! I come back along A1-A and see John Reback riding a beach cruiser, his wife and youngest daughter are walking behind on the sidewalk. It’s a smooth ride into a diagonal breeze for me, to Jessica’s apartment, but she’s not home. Then I ride south on US-1 into NPB. I stop at Carolyn and Ed’s house, to find her brother and mom watching TV. They were on family vacation in California! It’s still not dark yet, I can make it thje approx. 4 miles home witout a light. Northlake clears out after Military Trail, I’m really glad I get to do a road ride mixed in with a few spin classes each week.

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