Just to see the sunrise

sunrise-inlet.jpg10mi. Today post Boston Marathon I came t the store for a “shake-out” run. I didn’t need to go fast, but I knew running 10 miles would loosen up any remaining tight spots and soreness in my legs. John said he wanted to wake up early and run, so that was good incentive, too.

At the store, Linda and George recognized the Boston finishers. It seems odd to grab applause when people like Steve Monks did a phenomenal time. And Lilia too, she was right on schedule for a 3+ minute best of her previous PR.

We ran slow, 9+ min miles would be my guess. I was thirsty quick, so the water station at turquiose rooves was welcomed. We ran up through the Carlin Park detour, saw Robert leading the few runners near his speed back home near Circle K, and made it to the Inlet. The photo above is what everyone got a peek at. Oscar and I had phones so we probably have the only “runner geek” pictures of what we saw.

Running back we tried to catch Jen Quelhorst, who we did a few miles with on the way up. She had gotten too far ahead and I didn’t feel like pressing any harder than lukewarm to match and beat her pace. It was getting hot quickly, so each water stop was appreciated. Once back at the store, most had done their stretching and left. Erica was planning on an ocean swim (I wasn’t) so instead of visiting Dunkin Donuts, John and I went right back home.


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