Dilution makes for special moments

16 mi.  Most of the locals were racing the 37th Shamrock 10 miler or 5k. This left a diluted group to run the usual store route on a Saturday morning. I came ready for a perky, fast-paced distance run at 5am, running mile #1 in 7:40. Then I picked up the pace to below 7 min mile to the PGA corner and back to Juno’s Town center. I stopped in the trees to pee, ran slowly to the store talking with Linda, and hit the rest room there, too. Once at the store, my pin on the velcro Garmin strap popped out, similar to what happened at Pine Mountain’s 50 miler. Barry Green helped me look for it, but no luck, it was too dark to see that little thing on the black ground. I started running with the group, telling Barry and Lilia that I had to tick off the next 10 miles at 7:15 pace. I left the group at the A1A turn and started north alone, very much in control of the pace and my breath. Dave found me as predicted, right at Marcinski Rd. He wanted to keep the pace and knew a smaller distance would allow him to do that. It was dark all the way up to Indiantown Road. Right before getting to Indiantown, three guys caught us. They said the blinking red light drew them to chase us, I knew only Mike from track workout. Dave slowed and went back and forth on A1A as I went with the new guys to the Inlet turnaround. Our pace went from 6:45 to 6:30 to 6:20. I saw this and was glad for the turnaround water and rest room, knowing I wasn’t prepared, even in nice 55 degree weather, to run near my 5k pace all the way back. I stopped to drink and pee, some of them joined me. They talked by the fountain, I asked Mike if they were running back, he said they were. I told him I’d start now, giving them the same flashing red light to chase. I thought they’d never catch me, I was determined to lead all the way back to the store. I found Dave by the A1A Circle K water stop and we started again at a 7 min pace south. We got a sip more of water at the Turquoise roof buildings. We kept the good pace south until Dave left me at Marcinski Road. I now had less than a mile to go at pace to get to the store first. It was great weather, a good breeze, and meeting Michelle Bernstein at the Donald Ross corner was my stopping and cool down trot home signal. She helped me look in the parking lot and FIND my silver metal Garmin band post – Yeah! I took some Endurox drink and spoke with Lilia for a few minutes, then left for home and q quick turnaround to Ft Lauderdale for Premier School Training. A good training run that put stress on the legs. I will stress the legs in other ways while skiing next week, this was the last Boston-specific run I will get before next month’s race.

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