4mi. It’s been a string of cooler track workouts that make for some speedy times, even post marathon for me. A few weeks in a row it’s been beneficial to have a sweatshirt or long sleever on when we get to the track and stand around. Paul comes all bundled up in long sleeves, knit gloves and a skull cap. John wonders on the walk in from the lot why I’m dressed so warm – he’s in a t shirt with shorts shivering. I remind him that he probably owns a few of these garments, they’re back home in his closet keeping warm by themselves! Paul started with a long run, splintering down from that to shorter distances each time.

The last four 200m sprints were fun. I led the first two, Brandon LeBar led the second two. I wanted to know how fast we ran them. John said he ran a 25 or 26 sec 200m earlier in the week. I was curious how fast I went. A guy behind me said he did 36 secs, so we were 34 he said. I was surprised I was that much slower than John. Erica tried to justify this, but I know I was going better than 90% of my sprint speed. I’ll believe both John’s fast time and my slow time when I can confirm it.

1 mile warmup jog
1200m w/200m recovery jog
1000m w/200m recovery jog
800m w/200m recovery jog
600m w/200m recovery jog
400m w/200m recovery jog
200m w/100m recovery jog
200m w/100m recovery jog
200m w/100m recovery jog

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