50 the real way

20130318-145308.jpg49 mi. I arrived at Loggerhead park, thinking the group would be waiting til it got light out to start. Wrong-O. Some familiar cars were there, but only Marty Frezza rolling around the parking lot on his bike. It was 61 degrees, maybe a chill too much for my arms, but I went short sleeved anyways. I rode at below 20mph into the wind again most of the way up to Sandsprit Park, drinking Carbo-Pro and water all the way. I had a few Breakfast treat samples from A1A marathon and a Clif Bar to eat at the turnaround. On the way up, I snapped this picture of the sun popping out over the ocean. I was about 1/2 mile north of Tiger Wood’s home. It looked more brilliant in person, the sun looked like a red spotlight coming from the clouds – very impressive!

I came back with a slight breeze, so my average speed was faster. I passed Erica and Alicia, and according to others on Facebook, they saw me, too. Carol McGrath had her Irish cycling jersey on, I saw her on Jupiter Island as well. I know the solo riding is best for real world race training, although maybe an earbud on one side would make it a teeny bit more interesting next time.

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