MHS Football Field3000 yards. I wouldn’t have thought of it that way. When I went to get my tires changed due to lousy performance, I sat in Starbucks and played online. I chatted with a friend who asked how far I swam this early in the morning, I replied, “My longest ever, 3000 yards.” She replied, “30 football fields was her conversion.” That sounds plenty further than I would ever think of swimming. For most triathletes, 3000 meters or yards is normal. I plodded through the distance, certainly able to do more, but I was slow. I guess in a straight line, in a current of other swimmers and with a wetsuit on, this will be better. It was BORING! I had the pool to myself, the early dropoff of John for his school SeaWorld trip saw me arrive at 5:55am. Calm and quiet pool area as expected!

I should sprinkle in more of these. My feeling is that I’ll enjoy distance swimming a tad more when I can do it in the ocean, and see my distance covered as it relates to land and places I’m familiar with.

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