Strange feet

50mi/3mi run I was ready to go but not ready for cold when I showed up at 6am for the ride with Adrienne, Lanae and Lisa. They wanted to do 60-70 miles, I was ready for maybe 50. Works out good either way, if I don’t do the longer miles I will get to run afterwards. Arriving home form a week of skiing, I thought any ride in Palm Beach would be warm. Well it was warmer than Vail, but 60 degrees + 20 mph equals cold toes and the need to dip into the stash of clothes in my car. I used a cotton t-shirt under my cycling jersey, and from now I’ll store my arm warmers in the car, too. We made our way up Jupiter Island, cold on the legs and arms as I was. My bike’s front light was burnt out, so I used the helmet light for the dark half of my ride. Adrienne pulled strong, Lanae had tired legs, and Lisa was concerned about her heart rate being too high so she peeled off at Bridge Rd to do her own pace. I left the girls to stop and turn around at Sandsprit Park, there was an Easter service finishing with a live rock band. I came home solo, riding the same route we took. I found Paul Reback at the condos on Jupiter Island, told him about skiing with John and the kids. He told me about his wife not going this year because she was ill. I rode back to the Loggerhead Park and ran a loop around the duck pond. My legs felt soft and underpowered riding, now with a tingle of cold and run shoes on, they felt completely alien to me. I hadn’t run in Vail, so this was a brick on top of a week’s layoff. I held a good pace, waved at friends and finished out satisfied that I was done with a good workout. I will need some more runs and some yoga to find the familiar legs I’ll be taking with me to Boston in two weeks!

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