Reacquainted with my toes

8mi. The bridge brings out the truth. I will need these hill miles in Boston, with my visor on, my head tilted so to keep my glance right in front of me, my legs used to the press up and down. Barry joined me for my warmups, the run and the cool down, it’s very good to have someone to talk with! We discussed his future position as a salesperson for EmbroidMe Jupiter and how he’ll be coming to our training school in April. I never felt fully back into the run groove, like two or three steps off the pace. Thankfully, there was no pace to keep up, we ran comfortable on one of those “special weather days.” It was 70 degrees and a breeze from the west. Low clouds filled with moisture hovered above us. You couldn’t really notice them until you ran up the bridge once, then you were in the clouds! Fog to most, these clouds came in and blew right over us, with our heads plopped right in the middle of them each time we hit to top of the hill. You could see clouds then pass and head east – “that’s exactly the one we ran through” I said to Barry a few times. Neat experience. I will plan to run this Saturday, not fast, but enough to get myself on the tune up mentality for a good Boston effort.

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