Cleaned out

2000 yards. Today I made a surprise appearance at the pool since the notification about LA Fitness doing a “chemical balancing” is no longer on the front desk. I went back out to my car, got the swim gear bag and hit to pool. Starting 15-20 minutes earlier meant no other swimmers, in a newly cleaned pool. Truth is, I don’t notice the pool ever to be dirty, so it’s same as always for me. I dont’ notice my goggles pressing too hard in my eye sockets ’til just after halfway. At the end of the 40 laps back-n-forth, it is a noticeable headache when i remove the swim cap and goggles and blink or squint my eyes. NEED NEW ONES! I went ok, taking sometimes a breather break at some turnarounds. In my mind, I’m thinking about if I can drink Lake Zurich’s water during the Ironman, how much energy I’ll have for the run, and not much about biking in the Alps. It’s going well. This is probably the only swim I’ll have this week, I’ll do a few next week before leaving to Utah and Boston.

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