Back with a group

10.5 miles I went to the store run this morning, not because I needed the miles, but because I wanted to see people. I didn’t want to recite what I saw and experineced in Boston, I wanted to keep some of my normal schedule. An email was sent out a day before, saying there would be a moment of silence for the two victims of the bomb blasts, not sure how the third lady was missed but the intention was good. When I learned there would be something special, I arranged to arrive just in time for that. The last thing I wanted was any kind of special recognition for having been in the wrong place at the right time. When I walked up, Linda was calling out names and people were clapping, perfectly timed, no one saw me or had me pegged as in attendance. I began running right ou of the parking lot, finding Lanae and agreeing to stay with her unless she went too fast. She said her legs felt tired from all of the cycling training she had been involved with. Fine on my side, I wasn’t looking to run quickly, just finish the distance. We ran to the inlet, then I went to the rest rooom. I spent more energy chasing the girls back to Indiantown Road than I used getting to the half way point. This increase in pace felt really natural, so I kept moving along at that speed until Megan and Jenn Keyes stopped at the fountain past Carlin Park. I stopped with them, and the whole group joined us for the run home. After spending only a few minutes at the store, Steve, Jenn Keyes and Megan went with me to DD, we sat outside and spent about 20 minutes yapping about Boston and Jenn’s remarkable recovery from pregnancy. If you weren’t told she had a child in the last 9 months, you’d never know it by seeing her run or show off her body in run clothes. Well done, momma!

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