Strange feet

50mi/3mi run I was ready to go but not ready for cold when I showed up at 6am for the ride with Adrienne, Lanae and Lisa. They wanted to do 60-70 miles, I was ready for maybe 50. Works out good either way, if I don't do the longer miles I will get to run … Continue reading Strange feet


3000 yards. I wouldn't have thought of it that way. When I went to get my tires changed due to lousy performance, I sat in Starbucks and played online. I chatted with a friend who asked how far I swam this early in the morning, I replied, "My longest ever, 3000 yards." She replied, "30 … Continue reading Touchdown!

Dilution makes for special moments

16 mi.  Most of the locals were racing the 37th Shamrock 10 miler or 5k. This left a diluted group to run the usual store route on a Saturday morning. I came ready for a perky, fast-paced distance run at 5am, running mile #1 in 7:40. Then I picked up the pace to below 7 … Continue reading Dilution makes for special moments