The goggles suck out my eyeballs

2000 yards – Really for me, a Monday morning is a tiring place to do a solo workout. And swim? not a fav activity. I have conditioned myself to use the time underwater for sorting of the mental debris, that works. This day, I became knotted in the ridiculousness of getting the slick as heck racing goggles I use to stay on my face. They recede into my eye sockets like fluids down a drain. To keep the right one from leaking, I tried to tighten the two straps around the back of my head. I think my head size is big enough, but now I’m squeezing the straps down for more. Not advisable. Once I was done, my eyes were really sore from the tension of these being on too tight. It hurt to take them off. The last few laps felt pain like the onset of a headache. I felt some relief taking them off, but them squinted to see what that might feel like and OUCH! I know the concept of these things is suction, but something’s not adding up on this pair. I want to get the mid-grade ones next. NOt as sleek, but well-padded around the eyes. That should help. Because this Plan B isn’t long lived.

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