Ten by threes

10 miles – I did  Erica’s prescribed workout today in 55 degree cool weather. We started at 5:15am with threee sets of 8:00/7:30/7:00 miles, repeated three times. The final mile was to be hard with whatever we had left to offer. Artfest By The Sea was setup along A1A which meant the potential for obstacles and setup vehicles in the road on the way back. In my memory, our miles were as follows…


Finishing the last mile with 6:30. That felt good, I didn’t need to push that any harder but I could have, that’s a good feeling!

I had to redouble myself afterwards and get myself driving towards home to take John to his SAT exam at his school. I then went to hot yoga and a massage, putting me in the correct time  frame to return to John’s school for the pickup. Good speed infusion so I can say I did something different for Boston besides my usual runs.

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