Using the wind

29mi. I have been riding with wind this season since Thanksgiving, with only a few workouts having less than 12mph breezes. I started in hot conditions, Apple phone equipped for a loop to the Inlet. Plenty of time spent riding into the wind, since it came from the east.

I pressed into the wind to start down Northlake, and had a good ride up Military Trail to Indiantown Rd. There was a good amount of traffic but I didn’t have to completely stop for too many lights, thankfully. Once I turned onto Indiantown Rd, it became less crowded. I made the loop around the Tequesta top portion of my route and headed south. I had two water bottles that started with ice but were warming rapidly as I rode. Coming back south was good, my legs felt strong. Once I made it to Northlake, I enjoyed favorable winds and a flurry of green lights to make it home very quickly. Part of that road is repaved so it’s VERY smooth. I was able to just break 30mph on one stretch, and staying near 27-28 for other parts. It felt good to do that without going downhill!


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