Try it again…

30mi. Same situation, off from work and I have time to ride. It’s not as sunny as yesterday, and I am starting 2 hours later so I opt out of sticky spray sunscreen. The road is full of commuters and I’m not so lucky at the big intersection traffic lights. I feel really good getting two rides in over two days!

I don’t experience as much wind today, nor do I go as fast. The battery in my Cateye Strada Double Wireless is dying, so the smaller “accessory” display component blinks. I am always challenged as to how to recalibrate that mini computer with each battery change. I was able to get the proper wheel size in there, MPH vs Km, so I go for the ride knowing I can adkust the time and wheelset B later.

I enjoy coming back on the less-crowded beach road and down US-1. My easterly ride down Northlake is good, not as fast as yesterday, but a nice way to end the ride. Fast and on smooth pavement!

* Please repave the beach road! (Unsolicited request)


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