Sprinting up!

8mi. Two days after running a 5k at Riverbend Park, I may have been inspired to run the hills with some purpose. I did the mile warmup in 83 degree sun, starting at 3:50pm. Once I hit the bridge for the laps up and down, I decided to sprint all the uphills. This meant 12 1/4 mile pushes. It was tough on the lungs, I drank water and took a moment at the bottom of each lap to catch my breath. Like an early morning bridge run, I drank water each 2 miles. It was beginning to affect my right front shin, or the muscle stretched tightly across that part of my leg, only in the uphill direction. I felt very validated at the end of the hills, making my 1 mile cooldown a smilefest – knowing I really “gave” to the workout this time.

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