Hills or wind? Same as..

29mi. I left the house into a 16mph SSE wind, so NOrthlake Eastbaound was upstream. Once I turned on Military Trail, I benefitted from the wind, but not the traffic signals. I had to complete stop and unclip at Northlake, Burns Rd, PGA, Donald Ross, Frederick Small, Toney Penna and then eastbound on Insdiantown Road, I hit the train at the RR crossing. I went around the Jupiter Island entrance, came south into the wind and skipped A1-A due to traffic coming north on US-1. Once on the beach road, I went between 16-18mph into a sustained wind. This subsided a tiny bit around the Juno condo buildings, but again was prevalent heading south on US-1 through PBG and NPB.

Once off US-1 and onto Northlake, I gathered more tailwind and made a good effort in heavy traffic to get home. Following the ride I went to the gym, already sweaty and dressed appropriately, this was a good idea. A nice piece of fitness training today!

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