Performance Enhancing Winds

8mi run/19mi bike – Today was the fake out of, “These breezes will make it seem cooler than it really is.” Paul and I ran a warmup lap, followed by me running another one with Jen Keyes. It was that seedy looking guy in the parked white van that had me wondering…

This was my week to incorporate some hill sprints – 3 miles of regular up and down folowed by 3 miles of hard sprint climbs. Today after #4, I felt as if my heart was in my throat – a first? It probably wasnt related to speaking with Paul about his heart procedure that gave him much more “breath” when exercising. Nah, couldn’t be…

I ran a bit with Aldo, he came looking for a big group and the proper times to show up. He fell near the curb one lap, and ran conservatively thereafter. He’ll be a regular training here for Boston I’m sure.

I did the 19 mile to Juno Pier and back ride, very confusing side winds from around the large condo buildings. My speedometer finally works, but today it was negated by the interference I get when I use my high-powered front light. I was very fatigued upon returning to the bridge on the bike, I still felt that odd respitory feeling from sprinting. Worth being aware of.

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