Begin Your Day This Way!

7mi run/19mi bike. A 4:19am alarm means it’s Tuesday, my earliest rise of the week. I zip through some situps and pushups and then drive over to the bridge. Some days, it’s an easier stretch of road to drive than others. Today, red lights got me bad. I arrived just a tad before 5:00am. Regina and Chris were starting already, others were already on the bridge climbing up.

I ran a regular 6 laps, with NO men’s room break. Progress and not eating Moe’s burritos the night beofre contribute to that! I felt good and that was in the coolest temps of the season, probably 68 degrees. Lanae and Lilia ran starting at 5:20am, then the three of us rode to the Juno Beach pier, with Lilia turning back at PGA Blvd to get home early. On the way back, Lanae and I stopped at the Celestial Way beach entrance and I took this picture…image

The sun rises later each day, week to week you can see the difference. The temperatures are great, the traffic is low, I really enjoy this type of fitness!


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