Stealthman 3

This was a gamble, training exercise slated for Palm Beach – based at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and Worth Avenue. The local Palm Beach police aren’t usually keen to having anything “out of the ordinary” occur on their watch. Shirtless people scampering down the Worth Ave straightaway is not on their things to do list…

I borrowed Suzanne’s pink beach cruiser, a quick seat adjustment and I was ready for the cush ride. I wore tye-dyed bun shorts for that throwback look.  I swam in the front of the group, came out of the water with a few jellyfish/sea lice stings. My car was a close one street away so I ws quick to pop on the pink bike and head towards Lake Worth. I know a few guys got of ahead of me, but it took people a long time to catch me. I saw George at the turnaround, he said I looked like a “homo.” A ride back into a gentle breeze, then a quick run around the island.  We started at Worth Ave., I had a 55+ large athlete running next to me for most of the first straight, then he passed me. I couldn’t figure out who was a new tri guy that was running so fast. Once off Worth Ave and now heading north, my legs felt stronger and he faded badly, now I began passing runners heading towards Flagler Museum. I saw Austin and a few guys that were wishing me good luck. At Flagler house, a guy pointed out that there was a fox loose on the front lawn, I watched as he scurried into a row of hedges. I took a small water bottle at the course’s only stop, a van parked at  Whitehall. I ran up the tree-lined service road for the golf course and found Linda  rehabbing her leg for Ironman. I ran alone through the golf course, onto North County rd and past Bethesda By the Sea.  Once on the ocean road, I concentrated on finishing strong and beating two guys back to Worth Avenue. I was very happy with the swim and run times, and I had a good bit of fun comments about the outfit I wore and the bike I rode.

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