To the Doghouse!

44mi.  After yesterday’s long run, today was a ride with Suzanne to Boca Raton and the Doghouse Cyclery.  Jennifer Vogel, husband Lane and Scott D’Angelo, owner were hosting a run and Q&A session.  They billed it as a 5 or 10k run social with the Badwater finishers, Lane and Jenn.  It was interesting to speak with them, they have much experience as ultra runners and they each cycle well, too. We rode down A1A to Linton Blvd. then onto US-1 to the shop. I tried the 110% calf sleeves at the store after the run, they were interesting and I liked the method by which you store the cold packs before you need them in the pouch provided.  Jenn says she bought an insulated purse so she can bring the ice packs into the movies.  Riding back was much warmer, wind wasn’t delivering the reward for riding down against the breeze, and I was tiring from the weekend. I told Suzanne I didn’t want to “bust ass” to get home, but my 18mph pulling didn’t impress.  In Delray, she led and pulled at 21-22mph which really tapped me. We stopped at Lake Av in Lantana to drink and re-energize.  We made it back to Suzanne’s house, after stopping for a good breakfast at Palm Beach Toojays.

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