Some more ultra exposure

30mi  This was an exercise in how well I could do while only taking in water along the way.  I did not eat any bars or gels.  I brought a race belt Suzanne lent me for the first 16 miles, then I relied on the water I would find on the beach and at the store.   The shape of those small water bottles makes them tough to grab while moving, they’re alomost like slippery bars of soap.  No breeze either way south to Singer Island/Blue Heron Blvd or north up to the Jupiter Inlet.  I met up with Dave and ran the back 15 miles with Austin, his longest run yet.  My timed avg pace was 9:34, seemed slow but that’s realistically what it will be or slower for the 50 mile race I plan to enter in October.  I did an ice bath but needed more than 20lbs ice once done, and ate a large omlette upon return after the run

Garmin Report

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