Don’t bother

6 mi.  My plan was big, my implementation and courage was weak.  The idea was NOT to attend track workout in favor of doing stairs galore at PBG High School.  I woke up a few minutes later than usual, did exercises, then drove to the school.  I couldn’t find a parking place, the lights were on all over the fields, and a golf cart with security guard was prowling the grounds. I circled twice, looked for a place to hop over the fence(s), but no luck. I finally gave up, went back to my car parked at the dentist office and drove home.  Once there, I did a loop in Steeplechase as I used to, 6 miles of boring. I used my iPod shuffle, but at mile 3 it crackled in my ear and went silent.  It still doesn’t run after a charge, it didn’t get wet, so I’ll ring it back to Appple and claim temporary insanity.  My life without music.

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