Palm Beach summers

11 mi. The summer suffocating humidity is here, a month before the solar recognition of the season change.

Johan’s Joes, WPB

I ran with Daniel and Maureen on the WPB/ Palm Beach long run route. This was Daniel’s first time, now he knows the way. He is doing the Hanson’s Marathon Method for the Green River Marathon in September, so Sunday long runs will be his norm.

We kept an easy pace the whole way, 8:51 average per mile. The sun rises only 30 minutes into the run, then you can se the many amazing homes and cars on the island. This was my longest run since Boston Marathon. I used one Honey Stinger gel at mile 6 at the Inlet water stop. I ran 18 other miles this week, worked in the PBRR tent at the Live Like Jake 5k, so my total was 29 miles. This is what I wanted, a very slow and relaxed buildup, allowing everything to heal, rest and be ready to train at a controlled level in the summer.

The rarest version

We went to Johan’s Joe afterwards, I saw this very impressive Jaguar E Type car, a favorite of mine. Getting up early always allows you to see things you may not view any other time of the day!

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