1st Half Marathon Training tempo run

Following the Hanson’s Method for half marathon, today was my first tempo run in training for Lighthouse Loop half marathon on October 26.

I’ve drove to Alton and began running at 4:30 AM, thankfully having Daniel meet me for the warm-up. He was doing a 9 mile tempo run in training for his race in September. My workout was 1.5 miles warm up, 4 miles at half marathon pace, and 1.5 miles cool down.

I was good on the warmup and took a quick restroom break before the intervals. They were good, but the later miles were tough on the cardio/breathing. I stopped on the 3rd mile to pee behind a bus stop, that was a convenient way to catch my breath, too. Each interval mile was supposed to be 6:39 minutes per mile. I was close and in the range of 6:30-6:40 for most of it. I downloaded the workout onto my Garmin watch, so any time outside the range my watch would squawk at me and flash the “too slow pace” for me to see.

Glad to be done, I did the cooldown again with Daniel. Indicative of the workout and it’s intensity, I saw the above frog right next to where I parked.

More cardio, more intervals, more growth!

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