Garmin goofing

8miles. Tuesday mornings, I am usually running up and down the Blue Heron Bridge. As of late, I began doing the Hanson’s program recommended strength workout for Advanced Half Marathon. Which was 800m, 1000m, 1200m, the one mile repeats. Each was to be done at 5k pace.

I set my watch to count off the distance and keep my pace between 6:00-6:20 minutes per mile. On the intervals above, I kept at the slower end of this range – occasionally hearing the “beeping” associated with running slower than recommended. I noticed that on Singer Island, around the curve in the road that is next to the Ocean Mall shops, my watch squawks that I am below (slower) than pace. I don’t see myself slowing down, but it reisteres me as going slower.

Today I decided to switch my Hanson’s Tuesday and Thursday workouts. The strength that is slated for Tuesday would work better on the track, and doing a tempo run would be easy to do on the roads of Singer Island.

I marked off what I believed to be a 2.5 mile turnaround point from the base of the bridge heading north on A1-A. Looked good on the USATF Running Routes website. When I ran to that point, I paused, did a quick pee break off to the side, then ran back. I stopped again at the water fountain near the west side of the road to get a drink. After that, I ran only another half mile before my watch said I had completed 5 tempo miles at 6:39 average pace.

I have the same run next week – hoping it will feel easier and I’ll be more aware of where the miles tick off along the way!

~ dm

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