Breeze minus 10

8mi. It’s not often I’m first at Blue Heon Bridge, but however, the traffic lights aligned – I was alone at 4:46 am in the parking lot.

I ran a warmup lap by myself. My car said 69 degrees, leaving my house the weather app said 64 degrees. This is common, it’s warmer by the water. There was a significant wind, maybe 12-13 mph. That made 69 degrees feel about 10 degrees cooler. I figured this would happen, so I wore a singlet instead of the long sleeve shirt. Wise choice, after all these years I may have properly learned to dress!

I ran warmup lap #2 with Walter and Teresa, then 5 bridge laps with Teresa. The final lap I was next to Adrienne and Buffy going up and Matt K coming down. I tried my first run in the new Skechers Go Run Ride 6, hopefully, I have them laced up correctly for a good performance in Miami!

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