20 for Alton

5 miles On a day when I thought we’d be running on the Benjamin Track, we arrived and had the intervals on the Alton streets again.

I used this to put myself over the lululemon Strava Challenge 80k mark. I felt “heavy” running the intervals this morning. I saw my watch at a 6:15 pace when I glanced down a few times… it should be faster than that for under one mile repeats. I ran behind Zeke, who was very quick today, Seth and sometimes a third guy with a baseball hat that I didn’t recognize. A few of the intervals were run with Mike Sheehan.

Paul said we’d be back on the track tomorrow – that will be good, we had 20 people today, the most ever for the Alton run.

1 mi warmup

200m w/100m recovery
800m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
700m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
600m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery

1 mi cooldown

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