Crumbs run

From the new Wawa on 45th Street

This type of run right after a race is important to me. My experience has shown that getting to use the well-toiled muscles from the race makes the rest of the week much easier to handle. I’m still sore in places I should be, but it lessens the impact of all the miles. Especially later in the week.

I ran one mile of warm up then another mile on the hill. It was the beginning of my right (strained) hamstring feeling different that the left side, so I continued on the flat roads of Singer Island for a very relaxed 4 more miles. There was a cool breeze from the west which coupled with a 69 degree temperature felt nice. It was still humid, both Maureen and I felt that even in the early miles.

I’ll lay off running and do what I believe will continue the healing and strengthening of the rear of my right leg’s glute and hamstring. It is a malady that takes awhile to heal, but I’m already ahead of things in that I didn’t allow for a tear or full injury to occur. It was a peculiar feeling in the first half mile of today’s run, legs seemingly “bumbling behind” what I wanted them to do. Which is why these runs, the day or two after a marathon, feel as if the only thing left in the jar are broken pieces and small crumbs.


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