7.5 miles Is this what I was supposed to see this morning? I did catch views of the moon before it went into the clouds and then behind the large colorful building next to the bridge.

I arrived a few minutes later, no love from the traffic lights on Blue Heron Boulevard I guess. I did a warmup mile with Maureen, who is starting to run again post-injury. It was cooler than expected, lap #1 of the parking lot was done in a singlet, lap #2 was done in a long sleeve race tech t-shirt. I ran a few laps with Alan and his friend from Baltimore. He was a quick guy, age 66, that had recently run a 1:40:xx half marathon in Connecticut. We did three laps together, then I ran with Mary Sarah and Maureen for the last few. My first steps in the parking lot felt heavy, the front of my quads were the most sore. Yesterday’s recovery was yin yoga, Compex, and an epsom salt bath. I know I can regenerate my legs in time to do well in Ft Lauderdale, this setup of pacing 3 weeks before the race is my normal routine.

I have plenty of examples of how the Tuesday bridge run makes my week easier to have a timely recovery. I’ll err on the side of “less” before A1A Marathon, I have a good showing in me for the Colavita Team.

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