Working hard works

10 miles – 7 Tempo – This week’s tempo run was to be the same 7 miles as last week. I am still feeling small effects from the illness, but noticing improvement in the pace and breathing. There is some congestion remaining in my lungs, but it’s gotten better. Especially in the past 4 days.

There was a big breeze from the NW this morning. It was very evident when we ran around the parking lot 3 times that it was not going to be stale like many of these A1-A street runs have been early in the morning. I also felt that the humidity was high, I knew I’d be glowing with sweat before the turnaround.

I felt the wind really affecting me before the first mile – I went to the east side of the road thinking I might be able to shield myself from some of it. I believe it worked, but now with no blinking light on my backside, cars could only see the light on my front and whatever street it illuminated. This wasn’t a problem, there didn’t end up being too many cars this morning.

At halfway I took a drink from my belt water bottle, and coughed a few times. This triggered a gag in my throat for the beginnings of dry heaving. I came back toward the bridge and stopped one more time with approx 1200 meters to go for another sip of water and more coughing up nothing. I ran back the final mile with Daniel, that kept me focused.

I finished with an average minutes per mile pace of 6:44 – 11 seconds per mile faster than last Tuesday. I am happy seeing that improvement. It a tall order to speed up and hold the fast pace – this coupled with a good weather day in Daytona will be a great challenge for the one hour and 28 minutes I plan to give to the course!

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