New track things

6.25 mi. As a follow up to driving north to the Jupiter High School track workout last week, I did it again.

Last week I ran with the guy group, really I spent most of the laps being towed around the loop. My legs and turnover haven’t seen track running in over a year and a half. My lap times showed this truth – what was once “normal” was now “out of reach.”

Today I followed the workout created by Mary Galbicka. I arrived at 5:10 am. We ran a mile of warmup, followed by 4 repeats of 800m. Then a slow 400m recovery. Next was a set of 8 400m runs. Mine were between 1:32 – down to 1:26 for the final two.

It was a cool morning by our usual temps, that helped me around the first turn of every interval. I could feel a cool breeze before entering the back straightaway. I don’t feel I have any different gears – just run and this is what comes out. I’ll look to do these types of workouts to build short distance speed. I can come to this run for the next two months before any new marathon distance training begins.

My legs don’t feel sore after running at 6 min per mile pace, my lungs need some help carrying that. It is encouraging that today’s running felt better than last week!


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