Don’t forget about the heat

13 miles. Is it getting worse?

Am I getting soft?

Does Hotter + Softer = Current situation for me?

I ran yesterday in Melbourne, FL. I waited until after 7 am to start. I took a Nathan water belt and a visor from John’s new apartment and ran straight east on SR 192 in West Melbourne. It was already nearing 80 degrees, a slight breeze in my face, and an unfiltered blast of sun for the 6.5 miles to my turnaround point.

I stopped at a Winn Dixie for a restroom break plus a refill of the water bottle. That was at about mile 2.5. I came close to tripping over lumps and uneven cement because the whole run was on the sidewalk. Many driveways, roots pressing up the concrete, and me not looking down like I was on a trail led to a few of these close calls.

I was noticing the local businesses, most weren’t open yet on a Sunday morning. The Esporta/LA Fitness gym, the Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, places John will shop at. I saw a Melbourne something-or-other golf course that wasn’t crowded. He will do well in this area.

I was keeping a pace around 8:15 per mile, not feeling like I was working too hard on my legs, but lungs and the stuff in my throat was what I noticed. I got a few brief breaks at traffic lights, even on a Sunday morning the cross streets were busy. I drank the water I had, refilling again at a McDonald’s once I had turned around. The sun was hotter but now it was on my back. The breeze blew directly from the east, so I didn’t feel any benefit from that. Now sweat could freely drip down my face & well up in my eye sockets.

I ran with my back to the sun (thankfully) returning to my starting point. It was a long straight line, I could see how far I still had to go. Non ideal conditions to me mean heat, humidity and cement sidewalks. Run done, this one will be a reminder. When you do an out-n-back, you still have to get to where you started, which is good. And you’ll adapt and adjust to whatever conditions you’re given!



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