The final 2009 track workout…

5mi. Paul did not double down and issue a “mile for time” as I heard came forth on Christmas eve.  Today we did the usual mile warmup and cooldown, then an 800, 200 recover, 2 x 300 with 100 recover, 4 x 500 with 200 recover in betweens, each 500 having different instructions, hard 200, short strides, big finish 200, and finally the last one was to be run faster than any of the others so far.  Then another 800, 200 recover, followed by 3 x 200 start yourself on each after 100 recovery.  The fastest guys and Erica weren’t present, so I was today’s pace leader for the workout.  I didn’t usually start out in the lead, but I worked up to finish there.  It was easier to do as the workout went on, maybe I have good multiple interval endurance traits.  In the beginneing, hearing Eileen T’s breathing kept me going fast, I always knew she was back there and closing!

On the walk to the parking lot, the guy who usually started out fastest and ended up following me in for the intervals asked me my 5k best time.  When I told him, he said I train at a faster pace than that, I should be able to beat 19:11. I said my legs can carry me, it’s my breathing that needs the work… if I can tolerate the close to puke feeling, I’ll be faster in the shorter races.  Nice to hear!  On to 2010…

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