A good mixup

10 mi run/35 mi ride  I came solo to the store and ran to French Connection for a bathroom break, then around the duck pond. I did go far enough down A1A to J-Town Bikes (now BikeStreet) to get 3 miles in before the scheduled store run. I met Gary Walk and Brandon LeBar running back so I had someone to talk with and listen to as the last moments of darkness left us. The store run was sparse, Linda and George were competing in Eagleman, others chose to ride or run. Dave met me at 6am, we ran together and caught up on all happenings since Boston marathon. Running north, we had some breezes and a great sunrise. We ran to Carlin Park, stopped for the bathroom, then went only as far as the Indiantown Road traffic light. We turned for the run back, saw Suzanne McCarthy and Christine Butler beginning a ride from Carlin Park. All the way back it was sunny but cooler because of the wind. The same wind I’d get on the bike!

Once at the store, I met Erica and Erin who were waiting for me to ride. We stayed together with no agenda other than miles after the run. I didn’t bring any food – mistake here. When we rode past carlin Park, we were stopped by police due to activity in the sea grape bushes near the Jupiter Beach resort. This detour forced us to ride south and cut over to US-1 and head north to Jupiter Island. We rode next to each other sometimes, paceline a small bit, all the way to the Preserve. I don’t remember it being that far from Bridge Rd, I was caught thinking it was closer. I’d slow, the girls would get further away, then I’d see around a bend I wasn’t there yet. We came back into the breeze, uneventful – finishing with 35 miles done after a good run. More chance to make drink concotions, more pedaling, this works!

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