Don’t whimp out

7mi – It didn’t look like rain when I left the house, my phone was predicting a shower at 11am. Wrong-O!

I ran my first warmup lap solo in the parking lot. Something changed at Phil Foster Park. There are plenty of cars parked where we park to run, all neatly backed into spots and with their windows open. Maybe there’s a “safe haven” for homeless folks if they park that way… Not cool. The area smells like urine and isn’t too safe for girls when they arrive early to run. I had a guy ask me about what we do here and could I “hook him up” with a hotel since his parents just kicked him out.

I ran the second warmup lap with Mary Monks, then we hit the bridge for 3 laps over and back. We saw lightning to the southwest. Soon those clouds blew right over us, delivering a close-up view of the electrical storm but no rain. I did 3 uphill sprints in warm 80-degree stale heat. Thankfully, they were with the wind. I began lap 4 and it started to rain. I really considered leaving, but saw Mary, Paul, and everyone else running in the rain. Yup, just like that.

I kept going, finished my sprints and ran a cool down lap with Mary. I was glad (afterwards) that I didn’t quit. I was already sweaty so staying and finishing was a better option. Good choice!

When I got home, John told me it rained hard. We didn’t get that at the bridge, but we needed it at the house.


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