Some betterment

6mi. The big choice when I run the PGA loop is… which way will I go? Depending on sun and if I’ve worn a visor determines which way I’ll run the loop. Thrilling, right?

Today was cooler and after a week of slow running and cold/flu recovery, it came at a great time. My average for the 6 miles was a 7:39 pace, which felt better than the slower runs I’ve been doing later.

When I do this familiar route, I consider and visualize what I want to feel like when I race. And also what I may feel like at certain distances – “Wouldn’t it be great to have this level of comfort at mile 12” sort of thinking. I think ahead also to envision good things happening. I saw Mitch Giurard win the 5k Saturday night. Like that. He was in control the whole time and didn’t appear blown out at the end. That is a good thought and vision for me to focus on.

If we get more cool weather and I can get 4 more weeks of solid training at the correct paces, I will have a good new half marathon PR. I am optimistic that a mid state cooling will happen before the end of October.

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