6 timed miles.

The workout called for 2 miles of warmup, which we did in the parking lot at 4:50 am. Then six one mile intervals down at marathon pace minus ten seconds. 400 meters of recovery between the intervals, then 2 mile of recovery running. One of those miles we did on the bridge, the final one in the parking lot.

We’ve done this one in previous marathon training efforts, we know that the endpoint of each odd-numbered mile is on A1A in front of the Ocean Reef Park, just past the resort at Singer Island.

Maureen ran her miles solo, each with a head start on John and I who ran together. My pace was to be at 6:35 for each of the miles, but I ran most of them faster than that.

The miles:


Everything felt good, It wasn’t a full out effort, I could have gone faster. A good sign! I wore the NOX vest which is very visible on dark Singer Island.


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