One Day’s Difference.

2000 yds. I swam again today, I started earlier and had less time, I had to get back to a 1:30 meeting and I got caught up in the office. I did straight freestyle today again, even though I did no flip turns, I finished in about 43 minutes.  Back to yesterday’s theme – I thought about the Boston marathon and hotels, how my brother & sister would figure into this plan.  Then I relaxed and just counted my laps.  The pool water seemed colder than a day ago, but the swimming was easier and required less effort. In a real training regimen, my pool workout would only qualify as getting wet, unless I swim more yards and incorporate drills to build and improve. I want to swim in Australia, I remember thinking about that, so I need to get and bring goggles like the ones I wore today, less aero in nature but thicker pads around my eye sockets. Those racey ones from yesterday are ok for a sprint triathon, but get too tight in my eye holes after 15-20 laps.

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