It’s lonely at the top.

7.5 mi.  That bridge is a special place at 5am!  I arrived about 5 minutes later than usual, but it didn’t matter, the parking lot was empty, no Jon, no homeless people, silent.  Except for the wind, the 73 degree morning, and the clouds zipping by overhead.  The weather report said about 11-13 mph breeze, but with mist and the threat of rain, I wanted to finish up and stay dry. Charlotte came after I had completed one lap, she and I talked and did the remaining 5 miles up and down.  We did one cool down parking lot lap, then went home.  Welll I did, Char went to the gym for more fun and games!  That she came was real good for me, it’s so boring doing that run, there aren’t even cars out to look at.  No real scenery up on the bridge, it’s too dark out.

I really don’t have a problem climbing that bridge, I should start to press more speed into the final three or laps 3,4,5 and cool off on the last one.  Downhill especially, like the pack that zips up and down with John Reback.  Not before A1A, in March I will try that for some Boston confidence and prep.

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