What am I thinking?

Take a picture of the "Don't Take Pictures in Here" sign!

2000 yds. I read a post on Facebook – something about , “What do you think about while you’re swimming?” I imagine I cover a good span of material.  I can say most of it isn’t work related, even though I’m sandwiching my swims in between work am & work pm.  It does melt away any stress of the day, the warm water, the sun on my back, and a shower to send me back to an office.  Plus, when I swim, there’s no chance I’l eat unhealthy food for a lunch.  Sometimes I bring food, other days I hit 7-11 and get G2 with some protein bars/meal replacement bars.  Good thinking, nutri-boy!

What did I think of? Today’s swim I thought some about my arms, like should they be mostly straight down when I stroke or a little bent?  Sometimes I catch myself and they are really bent, that is like a wasted paddle stroke, they should be extended.  I wonder if I’m floating in the “T” position recommended for freestyle efficiency? Most of my thoughts during this swim were about the 50km race I entered in May.  How’s it gonna feel in the last mile? Will I go with a “crewed” escort, or just run it myself and stop at Tom Thumb stores to get food and drinks?  The Boy Scouts are doing a trip to Key Biscayne that weekend, I will want to see them, but will probably want to spend my Saturday night in Key West.

I swam all freestyle with no drills, fine enough.  I had eyesucker goggle issues again, those straps give me a headache, even though I have them as wide open as I think they can be.  I’ll try the other style I own tomorrow.  Swimming over a mile each time out has got to give me more tricep strength, more lower abs, and more butt muscles, if I’d ever start really kicking!

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