2 in 1

30 mi bike, 4 mi run I woke up expecting the temp to be low 60s and it to already have rained. Neither was true. It was cloudy, windy and damp, with dark clouds stirring north along the beach.  I arrived at Loggerhead Park looking to meet Walter & Chiara, who were doing a Sunday morning 20 miler. I saw them briefly, arranged to meet up with them half way thru their run, and go 10 miles on foot after riding.  I left for Marcinski Rd and the bunker parking lot, most riders were assembled, but there’s always a delay in getting that group to actually start.  Suzanne wore her son Gabriel’s LAX gear as protection from whatever might strike the gang this week, that got a good laugh.  Most of the riders were familiar and we had Ian as a “glad to be here” guest from the cold.  He has already begun Ironman training, some indoors, all of it very intense according to his explanation of what he’s doing.  He trains with quite an accomplished crowd, he looks to get sub 3 hrs at Boston this year.

I rode in the front pack to Bridge Rd., that was a good blast and I feel that type of exertion on my upper thighs. We stopped at the beach park, I went to the mens room, and then Ian, Sal and I rode back.  Sal kept a very good pace coming home, we were with the wind, and he peppered in some sprints he read about in a cycling magazine. They are both great riders for me to draft with, so my way home was easy and fun.

Returning to the park, I found only Walter waiting in his truck, Chiara had a hamstring aggravation and left after 3 miles of running earlier.  We ran maybe 4 miles, picking up Ian near the pier.  We saw a kite surfing contest getting organized, so Walter & I stopped to see that.  Our run back was with the wind and very manageable.  My toes on one foot felt weird, maybe they were too tight in the cycling shoe, maybe my nerves in the foot were reacting to ride then run?  My palm on the left hand has some numbing when I ride, but not my right hand…  This serves as my last ride ’til the end of February.  maybe while traveling I can spin on an exercycle.  I know I’ll run while in Australia, then the Sunday I get back is A1A marathon.  I enjoyed cool weather with no sun today, we don’t often get that combo!

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