Race for the Cure

Race For The Cure
Race For The Cure - West Palm Beach, Jan 30th, 2010

3.1 mi It was a good day for the annual 5k to support the Susan Komen Breast Cancer society. Race temps were a full 30 degrees warmer than last year, which made for a more enjoyable lead up to the race, but times were not as fast across the board.

Last night and this morning, I felt as if I had a solid piece of food in my stomach, a block of meat or something. My legs felt good, and my breathing was good, too. I saw myself spit foam nearing the final 1/2 mile, that’s new? I started close to the front, by wearing red I am easy to pick out in the large “start photo” on the Palm Beach Post website. ( see photo )  I’m in red under the first or leftmost “START” on the banner. They had a start mat this year, so besides the extra crowd from combining the women’s and men’s races, it was easy to run clear of the pack once the race started. I did my first mile in 6:10, just as I was supposed to. I made it to the turnaround in good shape, definitely working and thinking about breathing smoothly. The turnaround isn’t really halfway, though, due to the layout of the course. Once we made the turn, there was a breeze in our faces for the jaunt home. I was thinking about drafting someone, a taller guy in front of me was breathing heavy, I first thought he was a good candidate. I followed him only for 400m, then I passed him on the left side. He passed me on the right not soon after that, but then he seemed to slow, so I passed him again. He was breathing in a distinctive manner, so he was easy to hear behind me. About 1/2 mile down the road, he kicked my heel trying to follow me, I’m not sure how much draft I could have provided, he was taller! I thought about how weird that would be if while running in a zone if he tripped me. What an excuse that would have been, “I was doing well then got tripped from behind!” Glad that wasn’t the case. My second mile was 6:23, and I didn’t check mile #3. I tried to keep the heavy breather behind me, which I did. I saw and barely caught Eileen Turenne, but didn’t mount much effort into catching Erica Lazarus, a few yards and about 7 seconds ahead of me. I stopped immediately after the finish line to recollect my breathing. I watched Charlotte come in at 21:25, that’s a new best for her. Nice when she runs 28 miles last week and gets a fast 5k in 7 days later! Chip did an impressive 18:20 in his second ever 5k, last year’s 18:15 still is his best. I think my finish at 19:42 was my second fastest 5k, that’s ok. No eye of the tiger for me today!

I saw Mark Johnson from work, John Enck, one of John’s classmates, some Facebook friends, this was a good morning! I had to leave the race only 10 mins after finishing to get John to his little league evals – which once there, we had to wait 1 hr 15 mins for him to get his tryout. I parked at the Datura St. city lot, which was $2 flat rate, but I was there earlier than the fee collectors. I hoped they wouldn’t charge me on the way out, I forgot my wallet at home and may have had $2 in quarters in the car. Not to be, not for me.

I really think the “sea of pink” that becomes our downtown area is the best thing our community does each year. Sunfest, Fourth on Flagler, they aren’t as impactful as this one day each January.

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