Not generic anymore.

2000 yds I have to get away from just slogging freestyle in my unorthodox fashion. I have succeeded in teaching myself the wrong way to swim, now I just have to keep it up. Practice makes permanent!

Today I did my version of some drills.  First I swam 500 yards freestyle.  It was 74 degrees out and our pool water was warm.  I kept thinking that my googles do suck my eyeballs out, do they make ’em with longer straps? I then did 200 yards kicking with a borrowed aero-looking training board (they can charge more for it – if it’s named properly!)  Then more freestyle, like another 500 yards.  Then I mixed in 300 yards of pull buoy, followed by 200 yards of freestyle, then the rest in 75s, done 50 free/25 kick until I reached 2000 yards total.

I felt my shoulders and arms on the pulls and the kicking I did in the 75s felt better than the 200 yard kick in the middle of the workout.  I guess this is working.

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