Last minute prep and “the formula.”

Run, race & training formula
Getting it just right.

4.5mi Everyone’s got a different take on this – I have entered a race (5k) Saturday, track workout is Thursday, what do I do? Perhaps go with half the speed, half the workout, or do the whole thing as normal? Is it wise or foolish to “taper” for just a 5k? Can I stand to gain by  laying off or is it in my head that running fast for less than 20 minutes two days from now deserves special preparation?

I went today thinking I’d go the whole workout and just run the pace that kept me in the middle of the group.  I am honest with myself when I consider how fast to go at the weekly track run.  I don’t try to be first foot to the finish line. I look to spend time focusing on elements like my form, how high my hands fly on sprints vs. distances longer than 400m, and how my breathing feels.  Today, Paul called out the intervals but didn’t run.  Some of the segments he timed and announced to each runner as you ran by the finish line.  This is what came to me: The workout prior to the Palm Beach Marathon, I ran with Perry at a marathon pace for all of the distances prescribed.  I told my legs this is what I needed to sustain in the upcoming race.  I did the same today.  My ideal pace would be slightly more than 6min/mile for 5k. So, I ran behind Gary Walk’s pace, which when timed was about 3:03 for 800m, 1:30 for 400m (est. 6:10/mi figuring some depletion).  Even when asked to do 300m or 100m, I ran this pace, but with long loping strides that I felt stretched my hips and the muscles at the top of my legs.  I am not good at pacing myself, so pacing off others is a thing I try to employ at the race, especially the Race For the Cure.  If I can keep my breathing in check, get good temps and keep some of our speedy notables in sight, I can run a good time Saturday.  My legs don’t feel taxed, sore or tired. I can’t gain any top end speed over 5k by training hard today.  This could be a good thing to remember and replicate before a race.  Track is always right before the weekend.  It can prove a good fit in my routine!

1 mi warmup
900m, 100m recovery
100m, 200m recovery
800m, 200m recovery
100m, 200m recovery
500m, 200m recovery
400m, 100m recovery
700m, 100m recovery
500m, 200m recovery
300m, 100m recovery
100m, a few breaths recovery
turn around and run 200m

Today I finished with only 2 laps cooldown.

I wore a cotton t shirt and a jacket in 53 degree weather. I kept the jacket on for warmup and the first two intervals, then tossed it for t shirt only running.

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