Cool down

View of dashboard, 4:50am

8mi A clear and surprisingly crisp morning met me at the Blue Heron Bridge today. I saw the 50 degree temp and figured that a long sleeved shirt topped with a cotton short sleeve shirt was a good choice. Once I got there, I used the gloves in my car because I remembered how last time my fingers and forearms were chilled by the breeze at the top.

In my favor, Jon ran my first lap over and back with me. Then Charlotte came and we ran together for the other 5 miles. I didn’t expect her to come after her long run (weekend) and late meal she had yesterday. That was a good surprise! Adrienne and Angie were there, Michelle Kramer and Randy Garvey, Gary Walk and Atilla, even Shelby ran today. I went slow, being that a long run and a ride over the weekend took a good amount of my energy. I remember that more people used to run the bridge, especially in the weeks leading up to Boston. I will continue the Tuesday workouts in hopes of getting more hill time in before April. I like the small garbage trucks being sent to the park by the city. They look like SUVs converted to trash pickup duty! I’ll get pics for another post…

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